What is Sprout? – It’s a platform that allows entrepreneurs to connect and share experiences and knowledge.

How much does it cost? – Sprout is completely free to use and is ad supported. However you can upgrade and get an even better experience.

How can I upgrade – You can upgrade from the accounts tab, by clicking ‘Upgrade’ in the top left hand corner. Alternatively you can upgrade by taping ‘Remove Ads’ a the bottom of any post.

Is it available on Android? – Sprout is currently only available for IOS devices however if popular I will consider building an Android version of the app.

How do I report content? – I’d you believe that content violates Sprouts Terms & Conditions you can easily report it by click on the post, ‘Options’ in the top right hand corner, ‘Report’ and then select a reason. I aim to review and respond to reported content within 48 hours.

I’ve forgotten my password? – You can send a password reset email from the sign in screen. Be sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find the email in your main inbox.

How can I delete me account? – Before deleting your account, please first delete all of your posts from ‘View & Manage Posts’. You can then go into ‘Update Account’ and scroll to the bottom where you will have the option to delete your account.


If these FAQs haven’t answered your questions feel free to send me a message via the contact form.